Eileen McGee: A Worthy Project

My sister, Eileen McGee, has the dubious honor of being the first post for what are you working on this week. She works in fiber and mixed media and I badgered her for photos of her work and her workroom. Eileen wanted to straighten up the workroom for the photo but I promised her that the readers want to see where we work and how we work…not a clean studio. An aside: Eileen is not happy about being the first artist on the blog. I insisted that she not  straighten her studio for the photo.  I wanted to feature it in the middle of a project.

Eileen is the vagabond of the family. She lives part of the year in Chama, New Mexico. As soon as the first snow flake is predicted in Chama she moves to Charleston, South Carolina for a few months.  Around Thanksgiving she and her husband Jack roll down the road to warmer climes for the winter. (I am sure you see a pattern here…Eileen hates cold weather) Roll is the operative word for her winter abode. They live in a lovely motor coach with…are you ready…a bath tub and washer/dryer. You can follow Eileen’s adventures on her blog, 2muchfun.

Eileen has two projects in process…see below.  A quilt for her own use and she is participating in Operation Write Home. She writes “I can not explain the satisfaction I receive making the cards for those who volunteer to put their lives on the line of the rest of us.”

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4 Responses to Eileen McGee: A Worthy Project

  1. Anne Rogers Owen says:

    Both of my sisters inspire me every day. : )

    Today, coincidently, I am cleaning out my work area which happens to be a corner of our dining room. My children are embarrassed by paper, paint, Sharpie collection, sewing machine, etc. taking up space in our dining room. All of it will make its way to my daughter Katie’s old room in the basement…as soon as I get it cleaned out. LOL

    Hopefully, when I get everything settled I’m going to sew which I haven’t done in awhile.

    Great blog, Laurie!

    • laurie says:

      Thanks Anne. Before you finish cleaning it up…I want pictures…of the work space and the chaos. I think the chaos part must be genetic. Editorial: Anne will forever be my ‘baby’ sister. I was 16 when she was born.

  2. HAH!!! Tell your sister that her workspace is NEAT!

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