Mad Scientist Setup

It looks like I may be able to recoup the costs for my ‘mad scientist’ equipment. Several artists in my jewelry and enameling classes expressed interest in purchasing the etched copper and brass pieces. HOORAY!!! Even though I haven’t mastered the process, there is interest in both the ‘perfect’ etched metal and the etched pieces that have been ‘over-etched’.

The photos show the etching setup and several of the over-etched pieces. LOVE the small piece that looks like a finger print. It is actually a small portion of a paisley print.

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5 Responses to Mad Scientist Setup

  1. Wow they look great.
    I’m working on an etched piece at the moment, using etching ground and acid baths… but your process intrigues me…. how is it done?!

    • laurie says:

      Chloe, I have tried the acid technique in class but I did not want to use those chemicals at home. I am using a rectifier from rio, a stainless steel pan from the restaurant supply house, and copper sulfate from home depot.

      the beauty of this setup is the by products are safe to pour down the drain. I filter any suspended copper or brass in the copper sulfate in a paper towel after each ‘bath’ and throw that in the trash.

      I cannot take credit for this setup… sheri Haab sells a kit and has great instructions on her site. I skipped the kit and purchased the supplies separately.

      I would be happy to give u further instructions if u like. BTW…u can plate with the rectifier and a different setup.

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