Taking a Break

The good and the bad…

Belle Armoire Jewelry REQUESTED more items for publication…the VERY GOOD!!!

Belle Armoire Jewelry REQUESTED more items for publication…so the metal etching goes on the back burner and the assembly process goes into fast forward…the bad…but not TOO bad!!!

I have a fairly large stash of etched pieces to work with now and some are even beyond the experimental stage. Love the fact that when the metal is mounted on the polymer background the focus goes to the metal and the polymer becomes a ‘mysterious’ material. I think this will help remove the comment…’Oh it’s plastic’ from the mind of the art jewelry purchaser.

I found a book of art deco stencils in my stash of ‘stuff’. Great black and white designs for etching. The scale has to be manipulated, but it is worth the effort. Love the heat patina on the copper.

When I took the etching class last spring, the teacher had an amazing book of geometric prints and generously allowed us to copy as many as we ‘needed/wanted’. I spent a fortune in the Penland bookstore copying designs.

In another ‘stash of stuff’ I came across a Dover book with paisley patterns…another good design for etching.

Small-over etched pieces take more time but are well worth the effort. Using brass creates another mystery material.

Not a great photo…but this is the prototype that uses polymer as a carrier and metal as the focal point.

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2 Responses to Taking a Break

  1. just love your metal works, so gorgeous! šŸ˜€

    • laurie says:

      Thank You!!! I am in the process of slicing and dicing some of the copper tubing for earrings. They may or MAY NOT make a post…

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