Flash of an idea

Do you ever have one of those moments…nowhere near the studio and you get this flash of an idea for a new project? Well, that has been my brain this week. Between spending the time with my husband post surgery, running to an from the house and the office…my brain has been churning through an etching idea. Would it work…How can I make it work…do I have everything I need to complete the project…where will it crash and burn…ETC!!!!

I grabbed an hour yesterday morning before a trip to the hospital and HOORAY…all of the ‘pondering’ time was time well spent…IT DID NOT CRASH AND BURN…and I may be on to something.

Several months ago I bought $26 worth of scrap copper including 20 feet of refrigeration tubing from the metal recycling center. I’ve sliced and diced some of the copper tubing and am now the proud owner of several pairs of earrings…but that saga is for another day. Last week, Ornamental Elements featured an artist who makes ‘rings galore’…that is where the brain went into overdrive. I am halfway there…I am hoping the second half of the design process will be as successful as the etching component.

Several pieces of the etched copper tubing pre and post sawing. 

Daps make an easy process of flaring the ends of the pieces.

The copper tubing before and after. If you have been to the Atlantis in the Bahamas, you may be familiar with the language that was created for The Dig. I am working on a similar language. The etched copper tube is reminiscent of something very old that was discovered in an archaeological excavation.

Hope to eek out some time today to take the pieces to the next level…
whatever that is???????

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2 Responses to Flash of an idea

  1. Ellen says:

    The pieces look fabulous. Definitely, not a crash and burn!

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