A WOW Etching Day

Etching metal has it’s ups and downs…early in the process…more downs. Today was a FABULOUS etching day. The Deco-Color pen worked well in the etching solution and an OP ART pattern that was not the best transfer to the metal turned into a WOW piece after etching.

I am so pleased with the two pieces that I am listing them on etsy later today. I was too emotionally attached to my first pieces to put them on the ‘auction block’…and honestly they were not that good. I think I’m ready to send them out into the world for another artist to take them to the next step.

The first few photos ARE NOT zentangles. They are part of a language series that I am developing as design elements. The symbols were drawn on the copper with a Deco-Color Extra Fine Paint Pen.

Now for some OP-ART!!!

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2 Responses to A WOW Etching Day

  1. Judy says:

    Hi, loved the OP-Art. It reminds me of the ocean. What is your Etsy site?
    Thanks, Judy

    • laurie says:

      Thank you!!! Taking the designs out of the etching ‘soup’ is like Christmas morning…what fun!!!

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