Where Does Inspiration Come From???

Inspiration is a nebulous element…it can flow like a river, dry up like the desert, or pop up in the most unusual places…church. When I saw a fabric pattern on a fellow parishioners’ shirt, my mind went into design mode…and did not stop until I pulled this out of the etching bath this morning. I am one happy artist today…I cannot wait to take this in several directions!!!

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2 Responses to Where Does Inspiration Come From???

  1. diego says:

    hi, i ve tryinig to etch an aluminium tube, but i can t get the the ink to transfer to the tube, it doesnt get hot enough. Do you have some tips in order to achieve this?

    • laurie says:

      I have never etched aluminum…so I’m not sure what chemicals you would use…or which ink you are referring to. I use a decor color pen or a sharpie oil paint pen to mark all of the copper and brass. They both dry quickly and work fairly well in the etching process. Of course the best is the heat transfer process…but I cannot imagine how you would do that with a tube.

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