Not Quite Right

I was soooooooo excited about the ‘tubular’ earrings…they looked great…OFF!!! Unforutunately, they did not look great…ON!!! For some reason they did not hang correctly and nothing I tried improved the situation.

This morning I decided to ‘flatten’ the pieces and try again…SUCCESS!!! Because the gauge of the metal is so heavy it was difficult to smooth out the piece…I like the undulations…they are in keeping with the old/worn feel of the earrings.

The photos below show the earrings in their tubular form and then flattened. The third photo is a pair for my baby sis whose birthday is May 27th. They will be on their way to KC on Tuesday…HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE!!!

Finishing two articles for Belle Armoire Jewelry this weekend. The step outs are on paper…wordsmithing has commenced…a tweak here and a tweak there. I cannot wait to email them  on Tuesday…WHEW!!!

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2 Responses to Not Quite Right

  1. LaurieI, love the flattened earrings. The design just pop. Your copper work is fabulous.

    • laurie says:

      Thank You Alice…as you can see I’m having FUN playing with electricity. Thank you to Laura Timmins for sharing this info last September. I haven’t tried electroforming…YET!!!

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