It’s Here…Finally!!!

I received my advance copy of the Fall Belle Armoire Jewelry last week…WOW!!! As always, the photography is amazing and the articles are filling my notebook with ideas and new products to test drive.

The ‘magazine’ should be on the newsstands September 1st. I have magazine in quotes because Belle Armoire Jewelry is more than a magazine…it is a book…without the book price tag. There is more in one issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry than several of the books in my art library combined.

You should have all of the materials needed for Cleopatra’s Collars in you studio…clay, stringing materials and beads. Depending on the surface design you select, the necklace can go from elegant to playful. After you have made of couple of them, try an image transfer. I made one from a photo of the Capri Harbor…great conversation piece. Unfortunately…I cannot find it for a photo.


Experiments, Adventures & Mysteries is a chronicle of the past six months ‘mastering’ metal etching. The items featured on the title page are made with over etched designs…happy accidents. I am in the process of over etching some brass and copper pieces and should have them on etsy next week. Aside from the etched metal pieces, you should have everything you need in your studio to complete these pieces, as well.

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2 Responses to It’s Here…Finally!!!

  1. Amazing. I can not wait until they are available on Kindle.

  2. Reblogged this on Modernjewelryart's Blog and commented:
    These books will inspire anyone!!!

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