Over the Rose Gallery

I am honored to be one of three jewelers included in the new Over The Rose Gallery at Bohicket Marina in South Carolina. The marina is situated between the two beautiful barrier islands of…Kiawah & Seabrook.

Gail Barzman, one of the gallery owners…and a mixed media artist, requested a “stunning” piece for the gallery. My mind went into overdrive, playing with materials and design concepts. After several weeks of dead ends, the sea urchin necklace was ‘born’.

While, several of the dead ends, weren’t quite right…they showed promise…the tab necklace fell into that category. It is so strange…the simplest addition or subtraction of an element can make all the difference. I added tiny heishe beads between all of the beads and…NO MORE DEAD END.

The etched copper tube beads in the sea urchin necklace and the etched copper sheet used in the earrings are made from salvage yard copper. I know the tube beads were originally copper refrigeration tubing. I am not sure about the origin of the copper sheet. Originally, it had been spray painted with enamel paint, and I surmise, it was originally copper roofing material.

A trip to the salvage yard requires patience and heavy shoes. The employees look at me with a quizzical expression when I tell them this dirty piece of copper is going to be repurposed into a piece of jewelry.

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2 Responses to Over the Rose Gallery

  1. Donna Horack says:

    Your jewelry is beautiful and we are so glad you are one of our artists!
    Donna Horack
    Over the Rose Studio & Gallery

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