I LOVE Copper Solder

HOORAY!!! The copper solder arrived on Friday and I am hooked!!! I spent the weekend working on earrings that needed soldered elements…no more seeping silver solder. (I am still working my way through the ‘ins and outs’ of soldering….slow learner) The minimum order for copper solder from Rio was a pound and I told my husband it was a life time supply. He suggested I would need to re-order in a year. I certainly hope he is correct. Of course, that would require retiring from the design biz and working full time as an artist.

  As you can see, I am having fun with the disc cutter. Still haven’t had the time to fire up the new torch. I am using the time element as an excuse. The fear element may be more of the issue…I keep reading all the caution and safety issues concerning the use of a dual fuel torch in a home environment.
Love the surface on this pair of earrings…gel flux that was torch fired with the Blazer butane torch.
BTW…the etched design on the earrings was created with masking tape and a Sharpie paint pen…WHAT FUN!!!

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2 Responses to I LOVE Copper Solder

  1. sandybuffie says:

    These are beautiful! I love new toys and materials!! Haven’t seen the copper solder yet. Very cool.

    • laurie says:

      It is a great addition to the ‘toy box’.

      I understand the opening of ‘Over the Rose’ was a great success. HOORAY!!!

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