Tedious…but Worth It

Could we make every weekend four days??? Even though the deadline for the Belle Armoire Jewelry etching article is January 1st, I wanted to finish the article before the holiday schedule at work and home became ‘impossible’. Of course, while I was working on the article,  I had to segue from work to play. The idea of small ‘spacer’ beads with polymer and etched copper tubing needed a trip down the ‘what if’ road. The larger copper beads have been flared and appear to be ‘spools’ until they are paired with other materials. The construction of the beads is time consuming and tedious…but the end results offer soooooooooooooo many possibilities.

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2 Responses to Tedious…but Worth It

  1. sandybuffie says:

    These are really great and worth your time! So cool!

    • laurie says:

      Thank you Sandy. I forced myself into production mode last weekend. Production mode is not fun…but so very efficient!!! I think I have 9 of the larger beads completed and of the spacers ready for ‘something’.

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