Thank You Lindly Huanani

DSCN0033I know the word production is an anathema for many artists…but the end result can be quite gratifying, as well as monetarily beneficial.

At a retreat several years ago, I had the honor/privilege of sitting across the table from Lindly Huanani. Lindly was in full production mode for her beautiful Pinch Petal Lei necklaces. (They were selling faster than she could make them…nice problem.) Lindly approached production in an organized and efficient manner. As she moved from step to step in the process, she completed all of the petals before moving on.

I now use Lindly’s production process whenever I am working on items for a gallery. It is  fun to look at your work space during the process to see all of the elements ready and waiting for the next step. THANK YOU LINDLY HUANANI!!!

The photo features items ready for 5 Fiesta Necklaces and one that is a prototype for a new technique. I will be test driving that one for the next few months.

Sorry for the six week delay in posting…the holidays, life and the flu are to blame.

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