A Simple Solution


My studio time this winter has been very limited. Our house is going on the market this week and we are cleaning & de-cluttering. When I can, I grab 10 minutes here and 20 minutes there…of course, I have to make sure the space stays organized and ‘interesting’…as our realtor described it.

I ran in to a dead end on stringing this prototype necklace. Brass was too…brassy, colorful telephone wire fought with the background images. I needed to finish the necklace and test drive it this spring to see if the new technique would hold up with constant wear and tear.

Not sure when that AHA moment hit, but I decided to try heat patina copper wire…PERFECT!!! There is enough bling on the wire to add a little pop to the surface, but not too much to fight with the pattern…HOORAY!!!


I would love to know what you think?????

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2 Responses to A Simple Solution

  1. Really love the necklace. are the disks painted polymer clay?

    • laurie says:

      Sorry for the delay in responding. Life seems to get in the say at times. The disks are not painted polymer, but a new technique that I am perfecting. (I only wish I could paint that well 😉

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