I Need Help!!!

Although, this is actually a daily occurrence for me, I need help stabilizing the patina surface on my latest salvage yard discoveries. All of the copper guttering and brass plates have been sprayed with the garden hose to loosen some of the surface grime, my main concern is a black powdery substance the continues to come off when I brush it with a firm bristle scrub brush. (I haven’t used a brass brush because I do not want to remove the patina completely)


Do I need to be concerned about toxicity from the powdery substance? Should I seal it before I start working with it? Typically, I use Renaissance Wax as a final coat, should I apply that now? (My plan is to keep the patina on the copper and manipulate the 24 gauge metal without using heat or pickle.)   copper-brass 3

Thank you for any and all suggestions. I cannot wait to play with this ‘stuff’. BTW…the brass is already in the a vinegar bath…someone thought the brass plates would look better if they were painted gold…YUCK!!!

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3 Responses to I Need Help!!!

  1. Deborah Read says:

    I use a product called Permalac EF to seal my pieces – I got away from the wax – I found the permalc EF a way better sealer that wears better than the wax and easier to apply
    – lately I tried applying to a flat bracelet that was patina’d and then formed it and it worked just fine (I used paper to protect it as I bent it but it kept the patina from scratching and made application easier) – even if you have to do aditional work to clean up and reaply it may help with your problem
    what a great idea recovering those old brass press plates and the eaves trough.

    • laurie says:


      Thanks for the info. Sounds like a great product.

      I finished 10 pairs of earrings last night and threw them into the tumbler after pickling. I love to see them as shiny copper (all of my copper is repurposed and love giving it a new life) But what is even more interesting is to watch the patination appear over time…it certainly doesn’t take long.

  2. Deborah Read says:

    forgot to mention I am no in love with sandblasting to clean my pieces before patina application – takes everything off

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