Good Intentions

When I started packing the studio, I was confident I would unearth ‘gems’ to feature on the blog. What I discovered were items that were more appropriate for a blog entitled ‘What was I thinking?’

wavy bangle a

We did find time to escape to the South for a few weeks of sunshine and warm temperatures…as well as two ice storms and our South Carolina friends telling us to go
back to Ohio.

wavy 2a

I’ve had a few ideas for bangle bracelets swirling in my head since I packed the studio. This period of R & R was the perfect time to experiment. The logistics of the design aren’t important…what is important is taking your idea when it ‘falls flat’ and moving it in a direction that adds energy and interest.


It was fun working through the process from the ‘flat’ purple example to the design that I’ve been ‘test’ driving for the past few days. Several more iterations are necessary, but the shape works and the coils show promise.


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