Explorations & Dead Ends


In the past few months, there has been plenty of time to dream about working in the studio…with very little actual studio time. The house is still littered with boxes waiting to be unpacked, but it is time to sit down in my new studio* and explore…at least for an hour or two each day.

Most of my dreams came to a dead end…until this weekend. A white ceramic necklace with black accents caught my eye on pinterest. While that design did not quite pan out the way I hoped, a humble little gray bead emerged at the end of multiple product applications. The HMMMMMM!!! engine in my brain started purring…where can we take this?**



The next step will be to make a full necklace in the turquoise color and wear it for several weeks. If the surface finish (Renaissance Wax) and the design pass the test drive, I should have several ready for an art show the first week of November.


*By way of explanation, the new studio is actually the guest room …hopefully, no one wants to visit anytime soon…unless they don’t mind stepping over boxes and stacks of ‘stuff’.


**I have only experimented with lime, aqua, blue, turquoise and dusty pink…all very intriguing and worth further exploration.

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