What If…

testWe’ve all been down that road…what if I use the copper bangle and try an ivory coil and stain it with that new product from Golden. HMMMMM!!! Maybe…just maybe??? Of course, nine times out of ten the ‘what if’ road turns into a dead end. Well…NOT TODAY!!!

I am sooooooooooooooooo happy with the results. The first photo is the test piece for texturing and staining. Liked the stain…the texture…not so much.


The second and third photos feature several sections of the design. The Golden High Flow Acrylic stains the faux ivory and also creates lines of ‘dirt’ in the coils and crevasses that make the pattern appear to be worn and old. Baking the copper form ages the copper giving it an instant patina and the appearance of years of wear.



The Wells Gallery show is over and sales were minimal, but I did learn a great lesson. I would have sold all of the narrow bangles, if they had been priced individually instead of a set of three. The traffic was excellent for mid-January and two days of rain brought everyone inside to browse instead of enjoying all of the outdoor activities so popular in coastal South Carolina this time of year…golf, tennis, biking and walking.

BTW…new article for Belle Armoire Jewelry…Accidental Earrings. I am not certain if the article will be in the Summer or Fall issue…it all depends on space requirements. More details in a later post.

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4 Responses to What If…

  1. Mags Bonham says:

    I use the High Flow Acrylics on all of my ‘fauxs’ I like the translucency and how easy it is to sand back the high spots.

    • laurie says:

      Mags, It is so good to hear from you! This is the first time I’ve used this product and I LOVE IT!!! You are so correct about the translucency. The ‘extra’ wipes away without a heavy smear! Stay warm and dry at the North Pole…or close to it.

  2. The result is wonderful! I love your bracelet!

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