Let There Be Color


2015 transfer5The spring show at the ‘Sandcastle’ is April 11th. Luckily, I had a advance warning on the date. For 10 days prior to the show, the family will be here for spring break/Easter vacations with four days overlapping. Eleven very active people under one roof does not leave any time or energy for working in the studio. In addition, my studio will be converted to a guest bedroom and my work space will move to the metals studio in the garage…lovely.

What does all of that have to do with let there be color…new designs with happy spring colors and not a great deal of time for dead ends on the ‘what if’ road. After one very short detour, the disks for a collection of earrings started to take shape. Once I realized I was onto something, I couldn’t stop. In addition, the technique may make a good tutorial. While the captions are ready, the photos are not. That sounds like a project for mid April.

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2 Responses to Let There Be Color

  1. OH this is lovely, I would like the tutorial!

    • laurie says:

      Thank You Jennifer. I thought of your work when I was ‘experimenting’. I plan on testing your finishing technique after the show. I am still using your extruder dies…love them!!! Are there any new temptations for me?

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