So Much Fun!!!

chinese turquoiseSince we are in Ohio this week for family events, I have some free time on my hands. Soooooo…it is time to post one of my latest studio adventures.  I don’t have a variety of photos of work in process, but I do have one test photo of a sample bowl using Lynda Moseley’s Turquoise Tutorial.

While searching for inspiration for a bowl project, I stumbled across a Pinterest photo of faux turquoise beads from Janice Stadelmann-Elder of Out Of Time Designs. The colors variations were interesting and could be the surface solution for my bowls. (When you are making 25+ items for an exchange…you want to enjoy the process)outoftimedesigns

Not only am I enjoying the process, I am looking for additional items that may work using the faux turquoise.

I have to give Lynda Moseley credit for writing a terrific tutorial. She includes recipes for 16 different faux gemstones, as well as additional variations of each color combination. While I was working through the recipes…I realized that by tweaking the recipes a bit. my options were limitless.

I must add two words of caution though. If you decide to experiment with all of the gemstone formulas, you can easily spend $200 for supplies…YES…I have them all!!! I am certain, I now have a lifetime supply. Caution #2!!! This is not a technique for instant gratification…at least not in the initial stages. You MUST let the paint dry 24 hours to achieve the wonderful crackled surface. The fact that I live in a very humid part of the country could definitely be a factor…and Lynda also lives in South Carolina.

As I complete the bowls, I will post photos additional photos. So far I have 18 interiors prepared…and 2 months until the exchange…whew…past the half way mark!!!

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6 Responses to So Much Fun!!!

  1. ctinapple says:

    Love that tutorial. Kudos to you. The bowls will be gorgeous. This is going to be quite a swap!

    • laurie says:

      Thank you Cynthia. It is fun to see so many participants embracing and enjoying the challenge of making the bowls.

  2. Laura Lang says:

    I love this tutorial as well. The bowls are going to be a hit!

    • laurie says:


      The bowls are finally finished. I am looking forward to trying the turquoise in the myriad of designs that were dancing in my head while I was making the bowls.

  3. Your bowls are wonderful! I love all of them! This is why I want to nominate you for the Creative Blogger Award. This is the blog post: Best wishes! Mihaela

    • laurie says:

      Mihaela, You are so kind and I am honored to be nominated. While making 26 of anything could be tedious, I must say I enjoyed the process and saw a great deal of improvement in the progression. That was a lesson for me…PRACTICE…PRACTICE…PRACTICE.!!! Typically, I feel I’ve nailed a technique once I make one or two pieces. That attitude is now a thing of the past.


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