From This…To That

I am in ‘show prep’ mode and was certain that I had completed all of the items with a week to spare…just an earwire here or a label there!!! OOOOPS!!! Not so fast!!! CAUTION…do not look through an old issue of American Craft Magazine the week before a show. An idea exploded in my brain and I had TO ‘MAKE IT WORK’ for the show.

from this

The first photo is in the early stages of work in process. Luckily, I had all of the component items completed and it was a matter of proportion, assembly, curing & finishing. The second photo starts the inlay process. SLOW…SLOW…SLOW process!!! When I reached the stage shown in the third photo, I knew I was on to something and my eagerness to add another design was rewarded.

to this 2

to this 3

After I completed the first bangle, I tweaked the the component preparation and the second bangle was finished in half the time of the first. Or possibly, the distraction of watching the Ohio State football game made the time go faster.

to that 2

to that

The prototype bangle is now complete and several others are in the ‘work in process’ stage. I admire artists who participate in the ‘show circuit’. Finding the time and energy to test and create new designs; set up and participate in the show; and then start the process again and again is amazing.


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6 Responses to From This…To That

  1. Laurie this is fabulous. Good luck with your show., xo

  2. laurie says:

    Thank you Alice. Rarely does a design come together this easily. My muse must have been in a good mood yesterday!!!

  3. jmkandray says:

    Beautiful Laurie. Have a great show and GO BUCKS!

  4. I love your bangle! Great work!

  5. laurie says:

    Thank You! The show was very successful…and I am VERY glad it is behind me!!!

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