Finally…Studio Time

wellsNo matter how hard I tried, life kept interfering with studio time. January is my favorite month to experiment and those experiments often go into February or even March. This year experimentation was put on hold to prepare for the Wells Gallery show. Last Friday was opening night and if you feed them, they will come. In addition, if it is a rainy day on an island, they will come. I have two commissions from the evening and hopefully sales as well…all will be revealed when the show closes at the end of the month.

Now on to experiments!!! In my quest to organize the chaos in the studio I stumbled across Cassy Muronaka’s Bandana Pattern article from a 2007 issue of Art Jewelry Magazine. The colorful patterns were perfect for my next Fiesta Necklace series.

My polymer resolution for 2016 is to use more canes…not precision canes…just canes. Julie Eakes, caner extraordinaire encouraged me by saying “You CANE do this!!!”edge

edge2In my enthusiasm to make even the simplest of canes, I realized that I made the outside layer of Bandana Cane waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too thick. The schmear doesn’t bother  me in the reduced sizes, but the two larger canes scream at me when they are blended…or not so blended into the background colors. What to do…What to do??? If in doubt…take it out!!! (BTW…love my 16 cent tiles from Lowes.) Now the edges are sharp and crisp on the larger patterns and I am ready to build the necklace elements. ready to rock & roll


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2 Responses to Finally…Studio Time

  1. Laura Lang says:

    I remember this tutorial! Love your disks.

  2. laurie says:

    Thank you Laura. I tried to find a link to the tutorial…love it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one on Cassy’s site or Art Jewelry. Too bad…it is a great cane for those of us who aren’t proficient in complex or precise caning.

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