step 1The hidden magnetic clasp for the Fiesta Necklace has evolved through the years. Initially, it was a shiny silver ‘end cap’ on the buna cord. Jan Frame suggested painting the silver, so it would blend with the flat black of the buna.

step 2

This proved to be a very simple solution, but paint + metal do not bond well. I was always concerned that my customers would be disappointed with the workmanship if the paint chipped away.

step 3This week I have been experimenting with an extruded cover for the closure. Nothing seemed to be quite right. The magnet is a ‘bit’ larger than the buna, so a coil that fit the magnet was too large for the buna and vice-versa.

Of course I went through plans, B-C & D until the DUH moment. Sitting on my workspace was the perfect solution…the slightly tapered needle tool.

step 5

As soon as I removed the coil from the oven, I gently slipped it onto the flare and allowed it to costep 4ol in the position.

Now the buna and magnet are secured by an attractive coil wrap which also adds strength to the connection.


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2 Responses to Evolution

  1. Laura Lang says:

    Clever! Thanks for sharing. I enjoy all your posts.

  2. laurie says:

    Laura, thank you! Isn’t it crazy…the simple solution is always right in front of us. BTW…LOVE your name!!!

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