Price Points & Neck Sizes

Tdots-dasheshe idea of the Dots and Dashes collection grew out of the realization that I needed lower price points and adjustable neck sizes at the Charleston Crafts gallery. Our customers are eager to purchase from local artists and they come in all sizes, ages and budgets.

This necklace is the first in a series of geometric elements in primary colors that can be made quickly, using readily available materials. They are strung on a very small bunadots-dashes2 cord and the spacers are black polymer disks. After stringing the red and black elements I realized they needed an additional spacer. In order to save time, and the need to purchase additional materials, I slipped a larger diameter buna between the elements and voila!…the perfect solution.

ring2The ring design is the prototype for another ‘hole’ in my inventory. The ring blank is adjustable and the center element is a faux stone surface that I am tweaking. ( A final coat is needed for the surface) Many of the ring blanks that I have purchased in the past had a cheap, tinny appearance. This blank has elegance and heft at an affordable cost.

My customer at Charleston Crafts is very different from the customer at the Fall Art Show or the customer at the Wells Gallery in January. Each of these audiences has a different voice and my work has to be ready with an answer for each.

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