dot-dot-dotIt is surprising how a series of small dots can change the energy in a piece.

Recently, I acquired two much desired additions to my ‘tool box’ from Dr. Matt Liebentritt…amalgam carriers.


new toys_edited-1

The most interesting part of my quest was the look on his mother’s face when I told her that I would love these instruments for my artwork.


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2 Responses to Dot-Dot-Dot

  1. Laura Lang says:

    It is amazing how the dots do change the feel of your pieces! I bought an amalgam setter on eBay for very low $. Mine looks like yours, but is cheaply made and doesn’t work great. I will look for others! Thanks for posting.

  2. laurie says:

    Thank you Laura.

    I am certain you dentist will have an older one that he can no longer use…or save one for you when he replaces his. Evidently, they reach a point where they cannot be sterilized properly…but are still perfectly good for our purposes!!!

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