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Lemons into Lemonade

WOW…it has been a long time since I posted and a great deal has happened since that last April Fools Day post. On April 4th I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my focus has been wrapping my head around the … Continue reading

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Off to the Publisher-Chapter 2

The last post featured 5 bracelets that were submitted to Belle Armoire Jewelry for the Summer 2017 issue. Hooray…they were accepted!!! But, be careful ‘what you wish for’. Writing a technique based article for 5 bracelets turned into a rather … Continue reading

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Backwards…But I Like It!!!

While was taking Lorraine Vogel’s Batik Tutorial for a test drive, I ‘slightly’ misread the instructions…and masked the wrong area of the background. HMMM!!!…I really need to slow down and THINK before I dive in… Well, the batik’d areas may not … Continue reading

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Good Intentions

When I started packing the studio, I was confident I would unearth ‘gems’ to feature on the blog. What I discovered were items that were more appropriate for a blog entitled ‘What was I thinking?’ We did find time to … Continue reading

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Packing up the Studio

It is finally time…I HAVE TO PACK THE STUDIO. No, the house is not sold…unfortunately. But, packing now allows me to take my time on making decisions on what to keep and what to sell…I am already well on my … Continue reading

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A Bracelet…Maybe!!!

I stared at this piece of copper for several months…not sure where to take it.  While it is not one of my ‘favorites’…after doing all of the prep work and then waiting several hours for the etching process to be … Continue reading

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