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AHHH…Spring Colors!!!

It is time to clear out the rust and gold of fall and move into red, orange & purple. Several sheets of this combination are in the process of becoming earrings. Another sheet combines turquoise, periwinkle and magenta…sunny colors all!!! … Continue reading

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It is surprising how a series of small dots can change the energy in a piece. Recently, I acquired two much desired additions to my ‘tool box’ from Dr. Matt Liebentritt…amalgam carriers.   The most interesting part of my quest was the … Continue reading

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Softer Color Palette

The featured photo is an early experiment with Anna Oriona’s technique, using a variety of metallic mixtures from another project. While the end result is not as bold, the overall pattern is still quite interesting. These designs are destined to be pendants and … Continue reading

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Letting Your Voice Take Over

Ginger Davis Allman…aka Blue Bottle Tree, had a thought provoking blog post today about finding your voice and letting it lead you. I have been struggling with a new earring design and no matter what I tried…it just wasn’t right. When it … Continue reading

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A Little Bit Here…A Little Bit There!!!

I learned a valuable lesson at ‘art camp’…save those scraps!!! At the end of the day, Emily Squires Levine combines her scraps into a colorful collage. This inspired me to save the bits from the channel bracelets and assemble them on … Continue reading

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Let There Be Color

  The spring show at the ‘Sandcastle’ is April 11th. Luckily, I had a advance warning on the date. For 10 days prior to the show, the family will be here for spring break/Easter vacations with four days overlapping. Eleven very … Continue reading

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Busy! Busy! Busy!

One of the reasons we are selling our home is 3/4 acres takes up most of our free time in the summer. Instead of enjoying all that summer offers, we dread the tasks that the yard adds to our already … Continue reading

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